• Une famille dans une maison à quelques mètres de la plage. Des vacances joyeuses et insouciantes... jusqu'à l'arrivée de Kit Godden. Ce garçon, c'est le parfait amour d'été : il est beau, drôle, magnétique. Mais ceux qui s'approchent du lumineux Kit Godden sont condamnés à s'y brûler les ailes. Et tous ou presque, dans cette famille, seront irrésistiblement charmés. 

  • Jess  a 17 ans et elle vient d'avoir un bébé. Bon... pas n'importe quel bébé  : un bébé caribou. Personne ne sait comment c'est arrivé. On n'avait rien détecté. Avec Nick, son copain bien humain, Jess apprend à accepter l'absurdité de la vie, à devenir mère, à comprendre que son enfant est un individu, parfois encombrant, mais un individu à part entière. Un être qu'il faut choyer... et savoir laisser vivre et libérer le moment venu.
    «  Étonnant  ! Archi-original  ! Indispensable  !  » Susie Morgenstern

  • Au bout du voyage

    Meg Rosoff

    Mila, 12 ans, a un talent exceptionnel pour lire le monde qui l'entoure, pour ressentir des émotions passées, deviner les non-dits. Alors quand Matthew, le meilleur ami de son père, disparaît mystérieusement, tous deux se lancent à sa recherche. Mila se pose mille questions : a-t-il été assassiné ? S'est-il suicidé ? Peut-être a-t-il eu un accident ? Pour commencer, c'est dans l'État de New York, dans la grande maison où Matthew vivait avec sa femme, que Mila trouvera des réponses.La jeune fille cueille un à un les indices qu'elle y trouve. Ici, un parfum inconnu, là le regard triste d'Honey, la chienne de la maison, ici encore une pile de courriers, restée intacte. C'est évident : Matthew fuit quelque chose, mais quoi ? Mila et son père partent alors ensemble, pour un road trip père/fille, direction la frontière canadienne où ils espèrent trouver Matthew et reconstituer le puzzle... À partir de 13 ans

  • « J'ai un siècle. Mais mon esprit me ramène sans cesse à l'année de mes seize ans, lorsque j'ai découvert l'amour. J'avais déjà été renvoyé de deux pensionnats avant d'atterrir à Saint-Oswald, le pire endroit que j'avais pu voir jusque là. Or sans cette médiocre institution, je n'aurais jamais découvert cette hutte de pêcheurs coupée du monde. Sans elle, je n'aurais pas rencontré Finn. Sans Finn, vous ne seriez pas sur le point de lire mon récit. »

  • XIXe siècle, Angleterre. Le matin de son mariage, Pell Ridley s’enfuit de chez elle à cheval. Promise depuis l’enfance au fils du forgeron, elle décide d’échapper à un destin tout tracé. Commence pour Pell un long périple, une course sauvage qui la conduit vers son indépendance et la découverte de l’amour...
    « Cette quête, merveilleusement racontée, pour la liberté, l’amour et la féminité, transforme une simple chevauchée en chef d’œuvre. » The Times
    « Meg Rosoff est un écrivain exceptionnel, captivant – elle fait revire à la perfection une époque et un lieu. » Daily Telegraph
    Dès 15 ans.

  • C'est en sauvant de justesse la vie de son petit frère, bien déterminé à essayer de voler en se jetant du balcon, que David Case, 15 ans, réalise à quel point la vie est fragile. Persuadé que la mort le guette à chaque coin de rue, David décide de tout changer : il devient Justin. Mais quand le destin vous poursuit, il ne suffit pas de se transformer en quelqu'un d'autre pour lui échapper...

  • 'I was at boarding school in East Anglia, my third. I didn't want to be there. But if there had been no school, there would be no Finn. He lived in a hut on the coast. He was like the hut, in fact - it took a while for both of them to warm up. But that is all I longed for. Finn, warming to me. A nod. Half a smile. Asking me to help on the boat. Not asking me to leave. I didn't want it to end. Now I am waiting for the end, and looking back to the beginning.'Haunting, intense and with a surprising twist in the tale - What I Was is unlike anything you will have read before . . .

  • How I Live Now is an original and poignant book by Meg Rosoff, now a film tie-in edition to celebrate the release of the major film starring Saoirse Ronan.How I Live Now is the powerful and engaging story of Daisy, the precocious New Yorker and her English cousin Edmond, torn apart as war breaks out in London, from the multi award-winning Meg Rosoff. How I Live Now has been adapted for the big screen by Kevin Macdonald.Fifteen-year-old Daisy thinks she knows all about love. Her mother died giving birth to her, and now her dad has sent her away for the summer, to live in the English countryside with cousins she's never even met.There she'll discover what real love is: something violent, mysterious and wonderful. There her world will be turned upside down and a perfect summer will explode into a million bewildering pieces.How will Daisy live then?'Fresh, honest, rude, funny. I put it down with tears on my face' - Julie Myerson, Guardian 'Assured, powerful, engaging . . . you will want to read everything that Rosoff is capable of writing' - Observer 'An unforgettable adventure' - Sunday TimesBestselling author Meg Rosoff has received great critical acclaim since the publication of her first novel How I Live Now (winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize). Her other novels, Just in Case (winner of the 2007 Carnegie Medal), The Bride's Farewell and What I Was which was described by The Times as 'Samuel Beckett on ecstasy', are also available from Puffin. Follow Meg on Twitter @megrosoff.Also by Meg Rosoff:How I Live Now; Just In Case; What I Was; The Bride's Farewell; There is No Dog

  • What if Fate were out to get you? The day David Case saves his brother's life, his whole world changes. He must hide, become an entirely new person to escape Fate . . . if he can.This stunning, thought-provoking and darkly comic novel for teenage readers was one of the most eagerly awaited books of 2006.

  • On the morning of her wedding, Pell Ridley creeps out of bed in the dark, kisses her sisters goodbye and flees - determined to escape a future that offers nothing but hard work and sorrow. She takes the only thing that truly belongs to her: Jack, a white horse. The road ahead is rich with longing, silence and secrets, and each encounter leads her closer to the untold story of her past. Then Pell meets a hunter, infuriating, mysterious and cold. Will he help her to find what she seeks?With all the hallmarks of Meg Rosoff's extraordinary writing, The Bride's Farewell also breaks new ground for this author, in a nineteenth century, Hardyesque setting. This is a moving story of love and lost things, with a core of deep, beautiful romance.

  • Picture Me Gone is the compelling new novel by the author of How I Live Now, Meg RosoffMila is on a roadtrip across the USA with her father. They are looking for his best friend but Mila discovers a more important truth. Sometimes the act of searching reveals more than the final discovery can. Adults do not have all the answers. It all depends what questions you ask.A brilliantly atmospheric exploration of someone on the brink of adulthood, from prizewinning author Meg Rosoff, author of HOW I LIVE NOW. This is a compelling read in the tradition of Meg's acclaimed novels such as WHAT I WAS and JUST IN CASE.'Completely, completely wonderful' - Lucy Mangan, Guardian'Nobody describes the strengths and pain of being young quite like Meg Rosoff . . . she excels at blending tragic events, comedy, philosophical concepts and love into unexpected and engaging fictions' - The Times'The only predictable thing about Meg Rosoff is that each book will be entirely different from the last . . . Picture Me Gone is a delightfully authentic slice of life' - Daily Mail'Picture Me Gone charts the tiny shifts in allegiance and unexpected situations through which the heroine discovers that the stories she lives by will not be enough for the pitiless, messy, adult world. In this finely tuned minimalist work, every detail counts' - Guardian'Printz Award-winning author Meg Rosoff's latest novel is a gorgeous
    and unforgettable page-turner about the relationship between parents
    and children, love and loss' - goodreads.com'A great read' - Mizz'Rosoff's talent is in writing believable, many-layered characters, and
    Picture Me Gone is a neat, beautiful little novel that unravels the ties
    that bind' - Stylist (Stylist's Top 10 Must-Reads)Meg Rosoff became a publishing sensation with her first novel, How I Live Now, which won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize. Her second novel, Just in Case, won the Carnegie Medal in 2007. What I Was was described by The Times as 'Samuel Beckett on Ecstasy'. Meg was born and grew up in Boston, USA, worked in advertising in New York and has lived in London for the last 20 years. She is married to an artist and they have one daughter.

  • Anglais Jonathan Unleashed

    Meg Rosoff

    Jonathan Trefoil's boss is unhinged, his relationship baffling and his apartment just the wrong side of legal. His girlfriend wants to marry someone just like him - only richer and more organised with a different sense of humour. At least his two flatmates understand him - but they only speak dog.
    Poor Jonathan. The world wasn't this confusing back in the good old days before everyone expected him to act like a person. But one thing's for sure: if he can make it in New York City, he can make it anywhere. Will he get out of advertising, meet the girl of his dreams and figure out the meaning of life?

  • “[A] comic masterpiece.” --People magazine’s “Book of the Week”
    “A charming comedy on love, friendship, and the surprising influence of man’s best friend.” --Harper’s Bazaar
    National Book Award finalist and bestselling author Meg Rosoff's charming, hilarious new novel about a young New Yorker’s search for happiness and the two dogs who help him find it--the perfect summer read
    Jonathan Trefoil’s boss is unhinged, his relationship baffling, and his apartment just the wrong side of legal. His girlfriend wants to marry someone just like him--only richer and with a different sense of humor. He doesn’t remember life being this confusing, back before everyone expected him to act like a grown-up.
    When his brother asks him to look after his dogs, Jonathan's world view begins to shift. Could a border collie and a cocker spaniel hold the key to life, the universe, and everything? Their sly maneuvering on daily walks and visits to the alluring vet suggest that human emotional intelligence may not be top dog after all.
    A funny, wise romantic comedy set in Manhattan, Jonathan Unleashed is a story of tangled relationships, friendships, and dogs. Rosoff’s novel is for anyone wondering what to be when they grow up, and how on earth to get there.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Mila has an exceptional talent for reading a room--sensing hidden facts and unspoken emotions from clues that others overlook...
    So when her father's best friend, Matthew, goes missing from his upstate New York home, Mila and her beloved father travel from London to find him. She collects information about Matthew from his belongings, from his wife and baby, from the dog he left behind and from the ghosts of his past--slowly piecing together the story everyone else has missed. But just when she's closest to solving the mystery, a shocking betrayal calls into question her trust in the one person she thought she could read best.

  • Meet your unforgettable protagonist: God, who, as it turns out, is a 19-year-old boy living in the present-day and sharing an apartment with his long-suffering fifty-something personal assistant. Unfortunately for the planet, God is lazy and, frankly, hopeless. He created all of the world's species in six days because he couldn't summon the energy to work for longer. He gets Africa and America mixed up. And his beleagured assistant has his work cut out for him when God creates a near-apolcalyptic flood, having fallen asleep without turning the bath off. There is No Dog is a darkly funny novel from one of our most delightfully unpredictable writers.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • In 1962, a 16-year-old boy is dropped off by his father at a boarding school on the windswept coast of East Anglia. It is a model of its kind-the rooms are freezing, the food is disgusting, the older boys are sadistic, and the masters are the ineffectual, damaged castoffs of a dying Empire.
    But the boy is used to the drill and well practiced at detached dreaming, imagining himself someone else, somewhere else. Until one day, falling behind one of the regular runs along the coast, he meets Finn.
    Finn seems like a character from a novel, or a dream. Dressed in clothes that look the way they did a century before, Finn lives alone with his cat in a tiny fisherman's hut. The two become friends, the boy risking scandalous rumour and expulsion from school.
    But the idyll cannot last, disaster invades from all sides, and the boy discovers that nothing has been what he believed.
    What I Was will cement Meg Rosoff's reputation as a writer of extraordinary skill and sensitivity, who recreates with uncanny exactness the passions of youth.

  • On the morning of her wedding, Pell Ridley creeps out of bed in the dark, kisses her sisters goodbye and flees -- determined to escape a future that offers nothing but hard work and sorrow. She takes the only thing that truly belongs to her: Jack, a white horse.
    The road ahead is rich with longing, silence and secrets, and each encounter leads her closer to the untold story of her past. Then Pell meets a hunter, infuriating, mysterious and cold. Will he help her to find what she seeks?
    With all the hallmarks of Meg Rosoff's extraordinary writing, The Bride's Farewell also breaks new ground for this author, in a nineteenth-century, Hardyesque setting. This is a moving story of love and lost things, with a core of deep, beautiful romance.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • In the beginning there was Bob.
    And Bob created the heavens and the earthand the beasts of the field
    and the creatures of the sea,
    and twenty-five million other species
    including lots and lots of gorgeous girls.
    And all of this, he created in just six days.
    Six days!Congratulations, Bob!
    No wonder Earth is such a mess.Imagine that God is a typical teenage boy. He is lazy, careless, self-obsessed, sex-mad -- and about to meet Lucy, the most beautiful girl on earth.
    Unfortunately, whenever Bob falls in love, disaster follows.Let us pray that Bob does not fall in love with Lucy.

  • « C'est une chose rare, si rare... un premier roman à la voix parfaitement maîtrisée, magique, un sans-faute. » Mark Haddon, auteur du Bizarre incident du chien pendant la nuit. « Tout a changé l'été où je suis partie en Angleterre passer quelque temps chez mes cousins. Un peu à cause de la guerre, qui a chamboulé pas mal de choses, évidemment, sauf que de toute façon, avant la guerre je ne me rappelle presque rien - pas de quoi écrire un livre, contrairement à ce qui va suivre. Non, si les choses ont changé c'est surtout à cause d'Edmond. Voilà ce qui s'est passé... »
    Ce premier roman de Meg Rosoff a bouleversé l'Angleterre et s'impose partout dans le monde comme un texte majeur de la littérature jeunesse.

  • MacGrégor le chien adore sa famille. Mais il trouve les Pêchu beaucoup trop fainéants... et peureux ! Alors pour les vacances, il a un plan : le camping ! Avec lui, c'est sûr, ils vont adorer l'aventure et la vie en plein air ! 

  • MacGrégor l'a flairé tout de suite en rencontrant les Pêchu : cette famille-là a besoin de son aide. Et justement, MacGrégor a un plan... D'abord, se faire adopter. Ensuite, grâce à ses talents de chien, remettre de l'ordre dans cette famille où rien ne va plus ! 

  • Read Meg Rosoff's blogs and other content on
    the Penguin Community.
    A tender and magical tale from an award-winning, international bestselling novelist
    Pell Ridley,
    daughter of a good-for-nothing preacher in mid-nineteenth century England, has watched her mother crushed by the
    burden of too many children and too little money. Unwilling to repeat her fate, Pell runs away on her wedding day
    taking only her beautiful, white horse. But, as she journeys through a strange world of gypsies in search of a new life,
    Pell finds that her ties to home refuse to release her.
    Like the works of Philip Pullman and Sue Monk Kidd,
    The Bride's Farewell will resonate with readers of all ages as it grapples with timeless questions of how to live,
    how to love, and how to be true to one's self.

  • Anglais What I Was

    Rosoff Meg

    Read Meg Rosoff's posts on the Penguin Blog.
    Finn was a beautiful orphan. H was a prep school misfit. On a September afternoon many years ago they met on a
    beach on the coast of England, near the ancient fisherman’s hut Finn was squatting in with his woodstove, a case of
    books, a striped blanket and a cat. H insinuates his way into Finn’s life--his blazing wood fires and fishing expeditions.
    Their friendship deepens, offering H the freedom and human connection that has always eluded him. But all too soon
    the idyll of their relationship is shaken by a heart-wrenching scandal.
    What I Was is the
    unforgettable story of H at the end of his life looking back on this friendship, which has shaped and obsessed him for
    nearly a century.