Stephen F. Davis

  • The Handbook of Research Methods in Experimental Psychology presents a comprehensive and contemporary treatment of research methodologies used in experimental psychology.
    Places experimental psychology in historical context, investigates the changing nature of research methodology, experimental design, and analytic procedures, and features research in selected content areas.
    Provides an excellent source of potential research ideas for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students.
    Illustrates the range of research methodologies used in experimental psychology.
    Contains contributions written by leading researchers.
    Now available in full text online via xreferplus, the award-winning reference library on the web from xrefer. For more information, visit

  • The Handbook of the Teaching of Psychology is a state-of-the-art volume that provides readers with comprehensive coverage and analysis of current trends and issues, basic mechanics, and important contextual variables related to effective teaching in psychology.
    Uses concise and targeted chapters, written by leading scholars in the field, to explore a myriad of challenges in the teaching of psychology.
    Employs a prescriptive approach to offer strategies and solutions to frequently occurring dilemmas.
    Covers the gamut of current topics of interest to all current and future teachers of psychology.

  • Cheating in School is the first book to present the research on cheating in a clear and accessible way and provide practical advice and insights for educators, school administrators, and the average lay person.Defines the problems surrounding cheating in