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Age: 8-9 years old Reading Level: 3rd grade The best illustrated fairytales for children!
Once upon a time, there was a young woman who could not bear a child. One day, in despair, she went to see a witch. Thanks to the magic plant she received and the witch's instructions, a little girl appeared and the young woman's dream finally came true.
Unfortunately, time went by and the little girl was not growing up. One night, a toad broke into the house and kidnapped the little girl...
The collection "Once Upon a Time" offers a new and richly illustrated version of the most famous fairytales.
EXCERPT Once upon a time there was a young woman who wished very much to have a child. Desperately, she went to consult a witch. The old lady gave her a seed and told her to plant it and to water it carefully every day. The young woman went home and followed the witch´s instructions. After some time, the seed sprouted and grew into a flower. Astonished, the young woman took the flower gently in her hands. Suddenly, it opened and in the centre of the flower appeared a pretty little girl about an inch tall.
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